- Born on 28-11-1981 in Pinar del Rio Cuba.


-1988- The young artist wins first award on a local Painting competition „ Vencimos en Girón“. Barbara starts studying henceforth besides her Regular school at the „School of art“ for children and wins several paint competitions.


-1990- 1994- Barbara changes from the school of art to „Cultural House“ and sustains 4 years of basic Education in Art, Music, and Paint.


-April 2000- City transition.


-Barbara visits Stuttgart , she is unfortunately rejected to return to her Birth place after a prolongation of her Visa because of Communistic speculations, from now on Barbara is on her own, moves around the night scene in Stuttgart with her wooden suitcase, paints portraits at cafes and Bars for small pay or food, and resides at Friends, or sleeps at graveyards until she obtains a Job as a waitress to pay rent.


-2002-2003- Free Study at the Privat Artschool P. Art“.


-June 2002- Exhibition at the Kunsthalle Kornwestheim“.


-2004-2005- She starts Studying at the „Akademie der Bildenen künste in Stuttgart“ under Professor Opiolka wings, and takes part at several

Exhibitions of the Art academy.


-April 2004- Exhibition at the „Hochschule der Medien“.


-November 2005- Collective Exhibition from the Kunstakademie at Möbeloase in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt.


-2006-2007-Exhibition at the Art assembler Cafe from Mr. Bernd Heidelbauer.


-Alone stand Exhibition at the cultural association Wagenhallen“.


-Barbara includes herself at the Avongarde Artistgroup wrestling-baby-neugott and takes part at different Art Performances, at

Wilhemspalais, Staatsgalerie, and on the streets…


-2013- Collective Exhibition at Wilhelmpalais with international Artists.


-2015- Collective Exhibition at Kuboshow


Stil: Barock, Impressionismus, Realismus, Kolorismus, Muralismo, und Romantik…


-The paintings of Barbara Padrón points at Society with sceptic criticism, a social Study in a manner of speaking, every little story symbols in a „dream way“ a form of expression of the daily Life, whatever catches Barbara´s attention will be filtered in her dreams and reconstructed in her Paintings, and many of the „dreams sequences“ just stay symbolic, as they were dreamed, causing a quite peculiar narration of events and opens throughout an spectacular curiosity, questioning, interest and involving of the viewers.

© 2018 barbara padron hernandez